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OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator

OMS.Ice is an in-process T4 text template generator. It can be used to parse T4 text templates and to generate textual output at runtime. The OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator has no dependencies to Visual Studio and can be deployed with your application.


  • Fully customizable templates in T4 syntax.
  • Supports C# and VB in code template.
  • Recursive include of templates (requires break condition in code).
  • In-process template compiler and text generation.
  • Writes directly into a file or a StreamWriter.
  • No dependencies to Visual Studio
  • Supports most of the Visual Studio T4 syntax.
  • Generates any type of textual output.
  • Supports line breaks for most target platforms (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, …)
  • Assemblies for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0
  • NuGet Package

You can find more information about T4 text templates and the OMS.Ice – T4 Text Template Generator in the documentation. I have also started a tutorial that shows how to use OMS.Ice.

If you have any feature request or found Bugs, please add them to the Issue Tracker.

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